Sunday, 5 December 2010

ITF EU Representative, Dr. Hassan Aydinli, raised the problem of contamination of Iraq by D.U. at the EU Parliament

Dr. Hassan AYDINLI received an invitation from MEP Ms. Rebecca HARMS to attend the Expert Hearing & Presentation of the Study “Nuclear Waste Management in the EU” at the EU Parliament in Brussels on 1st December 2010.

Ms. Rebecca HARMS, co-President of the Greens/EFA made an extensive introduction concerning the EU agenda with its proposal for a Directive on Nuclear Waste Management.
She introduced two experts:

Mr. Wolfgang NEUMANN, Nuclear expert and physicist
Mr. Mycle SCHNEIDER, Independent analyst on energy and nuclear policy

Their presentations covered the following topics:

Nuclear Waste
What is nuclear waste?
Where is nuclear waste generated?

Classification of radioactive waste

How dangerous is the nuclear waste?
Waste-Management concepts
Waste Management for highly radioactive waste
Waste Management for waste with low and intermediate level of radioactivity
Waste Management for radioactive waste with very low activity level

Waste Management in the EU, RF and US
Situation and strategies in EU Member States
Strategies in the Russian Federation and in the USA

Following the presentations the attendees had the opportunity to put questions to the experts. Dr. Hassan Aydinli, as the Iraqi Turkmen Front representative in the EU, raised the issue of the contamination in Iraq caused by Depleted Uranium ammunition which has been used by the US-UK forces during their illegal war on Iraq in 2003.

He informed the assembly that he had received alarming reports on the rise of cancers in the Iraqi population and on the abnormal rates of birth deformities due to the use of Depleted Uranium (DU). He said that such cases were evident in the cities of Fallujah, Telafer and Nasseriyah.

He spoke of the appalling effects of DU contamination on the health of the Iraqi people, saying that a high number of babies were born with very grave abnormalities everywhere in Iraq where the US-UK had used these illegal weapons.

Addressing the two experts Dr. Hassan Aydinly asked: “What is the recourse for the Iraqi people, what can be done to decontaminate Iraq?”

The answer of expert Mr. Mycle SCHNEIDER was categorical:


At which Dr. Hassan Aydinli retorted: “In that case, if Iraq cannot be decontaminated and has become a hazardous and unhealthy country to live in and raise children for present and future generations, it is clear that the US-UK committed crimes against humanity in Iraq and logically the Iraqi people must receive compensations from those who are responsible for this catastrophe”. He added: ”By the same logic, Iraqi people should be given parts of the USA and the UK as a substitute country for them to lead a normal life”.

At the end of the conference Dr. Hassan Aydinli was approached by several participants who were surprised to hear about the extent of the contamination in Iraq. They said they were very interested to have more information about D.U. contamination in Iraq. Dr. Aydinli told them he would send them the links to reports and studies which have already been published on this subject.

As promised, Dr. Aydinli has sent them information regarding studies made by:

- Dr. Souad N. AL-AZZAWI, former Professor of Environmental Engineering at Baghdad University and recipient of the 2003 Nuclear Free Future Award for her work on environmental contamination after the Gulf War in Iraq.

- Dr. Siegwart-Horst GÜNTHER, former colleague of Albert SCHWEITZER and author of the book : “Uranium Projectiles – Severely maimed soldiers – Deformed babies – Dying children. (1996). Dr. Siegwart-Horst GÜNTHER has made extensive research after the 1991 US war on Iraq.

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