Monday, 4 August 2008


Qazanfar Mammad oglu Pashayev

Scientific degree: Doctor of philology

Title: Professor

Speciality code title for doctoral dissertation: 10.01.09 - Folklore study

Total number of scientific publications: 167, 23 monography

Number of scientific publications printed abroad: 25

Main scientific achievements:

He was awarded to a medal by Iraq Republic.
He was given a prize by Iraq-Turkmen front.
He was awarded. “The Bolden Pen” of Azerbaijan.

Titles of main five scientific publications:

1. Nasimi’s “Iraqi Divan” Baku 1987

2. The ontology of Kerkuk folklore. Baku 1987

3. Iraq-Turkmen folklore. Baku 1992

4. The genres of Kerkuk folklore “Baku Elm”2003

5. Kerkuk dialect’s phonetics “Baku Elm” 2003

Please see:

Other book on the Iraqi Turkmens: IRAQ-TÜRKMAN LAHCASI

Bakı, "Elm" 2004.- 422 sah.

ISBN 5-8066-1620-7