Sunday, 29 September 2013




Mrs. Brigitte GROUWELS, Minister of Brussels Capital, honoured the celebrations with her presence 

Iraqi Turkmen and Turkish flags in the heart of Brussels

Mr. Ayhan DEMIRCI, Azerbaycan Belçika Dostluk Cemiyeti and 
Dr. Hassan AYDINLI, Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF) EU Representative.

Turkish and Uyghur ladies

Merry FITZGERALD, Europe - Iraqi Turkmen Friendships, with Turkish ladies 

Group of Turkish dancers 

Reply of Dr. Hicran Kazanci, Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative


While I was in Kirkuk I accepted a request from a local Turkmen site and gave an interview. During this interview I made some determinations regarding recent events and why Turkmen were being targeted. It is evident that these determinations I made have caused major discomfort to some, even made them lose their sleep.
Based on the famous words ‘desperation drives people to profanity’ I use the word ‘desperate’ for this person. Because this person has forgotten who put him into his position and bites those who supported. It is a waste of time for someone who does not claim ownership to honor and morals to speak of these values. For this reason it surprised me that this person spoke of morals and honor. This person who has trampled the concept of morals and honor in order to associate the Turkmen cause in another direction is trying to hide his betrayal of the Turkmen community as a result of faith in deceptive arrogance. Like a bat which swivels its head from side to side at the smell of blood, the person who has taken upon himself to become a leader of betrayal should remember that the truth cannot be hidden, no truth will remain secret. I recommend that this person settles in a place history finds appropriate for him and keeps silent before disgracing himself any further.

   Dr. Hicran Kazancı
Iraqi Turkmen Front
Turkey Representative

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Residents of Assyrian Town Appeal for Help Against Kurdish Government Discrimination

Residents of Assyrian Town Appeal for Help Against Kurdish Government Discrimination
GMT 9-20-2013
Assyrian International News Agency

(AINA) -- Residents of Mangesh, an Assyrian town located in the autonomous Kurdish region in north Iraq, have issued an appeal to the world community, asking for relief from harassment, intimidation and discrimination directed at them by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). According to the letter, the Assyrians of Mangesh are subjected to systematic coercion to support the KRG and are prevented from exercising their civil freedoms and subjected to economic sanctions for failing to support the KRG.

Here's the full text of the letter:
We demand that the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and on behalf of the people of the town of Mangesh, to stop their policies of intimidation in forcing the people of the town to vote for Kurdish supported candidates. We are appealing to civic and Human Rights organizations to put an end to these abuses by the Kurdish Regional Government.
We, the sons and daughters of the town of Mengesh are being harassed by Kurds and their agents in all aspects of our lives, below is a list of their bullying tactics:
  1. We can't freely vote for candidates running for political office
  2. Our lands are stolen and we are not able to speak out
  3. We are not able to join any political party other than Kurdish parties or those parties "owned" by Kurds.
  4. We are not able to host any representative from any of our nation's independent political parties.
  5. We are not permitted to undertake any activity not sanctioned by the ruling Kurdish party (KDP)
  6. We can't form any organization or any cultural center outside the realm of Kurdish control.
  7. Any individual that attempts to stay independent or tries to join a political party that is not under Kurdish domination and specifically under the hegemony of the KDP is attacked profusely and even prevented from earning a living.
  8. Anyone who doesn't blindly support the policies of the KDP is not able to get a government job.
  9. Individuals that don't support the KDP or a political party controlled by the KDP are not able to register their lands in their names.
  10. Members of the KDP have formed gangs to terrorize the residents of the town to intimidate them and to have complete control over their lives.
  11. They (Kurds) monitor every person's moves and if they become suspicious that a certain individual has any relations with another political party not controlled by them, that person is interrogated and is threatened.
For the above reasons we're appealing to International Human Rights organizations and civil societies to help us stop Kurdish abuses because we have the right to live freely and we also have the right for self determination.
Rosa Mengesh
Steven Khanjaro
Ammo Mammo
Assyrian International News Agency

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Turkmen culture house in Erbil re-opened after ten years

Turkmen culture house in Erbil re-opened after ten years
Taking a leading role in re-opening of the center, the General Director of the Turkmen Culture Center Geylan Altıparmak underlined the significance of preserving the Turkmen culture for future generations 

Turkmens in northern Iraq, an essential part of the region’s colorful demographic structure, are celebrating the re-opening of the Turkmen Culture Center in the city of Erbil after it had been closed for the past ten years. Having recently suffered deadly terrorist attacks against them, the Turkmens have long faced the threat of being eliminated from the Iraqi political scene and the fear of having their culture demolished. Thus, the Turkmen Culture Center in the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has a symbolic meaning. Taking a leading role in re-opening of the center, the General Director of the Turkmen Culture Center Geylan Altıparmak underlined the significance of preserving the Turkmen culture for future generations. “Actually, we have had a cultural center for ten years but it was closed. In the first stage, we decided to restore it. While the restoration work continued, we started our activities. We are determined to protect our culture to ensure our cultural survival. Turkmens and Kurds have had friendly relations and lived in peace for centuries. Today, some circles are working to destroy this friendship by demonstrating the differences between us,” he said.
Locating in the middle of Erbil, the large center includes two gardens, one football field and one conference hall. The center's mission is to carry the Turkmen culture to the future and offers free Turkish lessons given by Altıparmak. The students are not only supplemented with Turkish lessons but also additional courses to help them in school. The fact that some of the students who attend classes had previously studied in Turkey indicates the high quality of the education offered at the center. The increasing number of Turkish companies in the KRG is a strong motivating factor to learn Turkish in the semi-autonomous Iraqi region. Many young students in the cultural center aim to be employed in a Turkish company.
Since the center started functioning, it gave way for the establishment of several aid organizations. Last week, food and household goods were collected and sent to Syrian refugees who have escaped to to northern Iraq.
Kuzey News Agency

    Monday, 16 September 2013

    La tenue de la 1ère conférence pan-kurde remise en question ?

    Par Gilles Munier

    Officiellement, ce serait pour ne pas interférer avec la campagne des élections régionales au Kurdistan irakien – fixées pourtant depuis longtemps au 21 septembre - que la tenue de la 1ère Conférence nationale kurde, qui devait se tenir à Erbil du 15 au 17 septembre, a de nouveau été reportée. Elle est maintenant programmée pour le 25 novembre 2013.

    Selon certains, son report serait dû aux pressions exercées sur Massoud Barzani par les gouvernements turc, iranien et irakien. La conférence devrait en effet entériner la carte des frontières du Grand Kurdistan à peu près identique à celle dessinée par les néoconservateurs étasuniens dans le cadre de leur projet Grand Moyen-Orient.

    Des peshmergas irakiens
    pour "protéger" le Kurdistan syrien ?

    Pour d’autres, outre les remous provoqués par la demande des Kurdes israéliens d’être représentés au Comité d’organisation de la conférence, se pose le différend surgi entre le PDK irakien de Massoud Barzani et le PYD syrien (Partiya Yekîtiya Demokrat - Parti de l’Union Démocratique Kurde en Syrie) qui a pratiquement interdit les activités des organisations liées au gouvernement régional d’Erbil, voire arrêté certains de ses membres. Les Kurdes irakiens, pro-occidentaux, reprochent aussi à l’organisation kurde syrienne, liée au PKK turc, sa trop grande proximité avec le régime de Damas et voient également d’un mauvais œil les combats l’opposant périodiquement aux brigades de l’Armée Syrienne Libre (ASL).De plus, son chef, Salih Muslim, a mis les pieds dans le plat fin août en déclarant qu’il ne pensait pas que Bachar al-Assad soit assez « stupide »pour avoir utilisé des armes chimiques dans la banlieue de la capitale…  

    Massoud Barzani qui a toujours eu plusieurs fers au feu a reçu Omar Ose -député kurde au parlement syrien - qui lui a déclaré que le régime de Damas est ce qu’il y a de mieux pour les Kurdes syriens, que Bachar al-Assad est « l’ami des Kurdes » et qu’il n’est pas hostile à ce que des peshmergas irakiens "protègent" la région kurde syrienne, à condition que cela soit en coordination avec lui et ne débouche pas une guerre entre Kurdes.

    Sur le même sujet, lire aussi :

    Les Kurdes juifs israéliens veulent participer
    à la 1ère conférence nationale kurde

    1ère conférence nationale kurde fin août à Erbil :
    vers l’avènement d’un plus grand Kurdistan

    Massoud Barzani rattrapé
    par les « génocides des Arméniens et  des Assyriens »

    Kerkük hoyrat ve makam

    Monday, 2 September 2013

    Iraq protesters rally against MP benefits

    Thousands of protesters gathered in capital Baghdad and southern cities, despite intense security crackdown.

    August 31, 2013

    Thousands of protesters in and around Baghdad and southern Iraq have railed against lawmakers' lavish benefits, despite heavy security measures that kept many away, particularly in the capital.

    Demonstrators criticised lawmakers' retirement benefits in particular, which amount to thousands of dollars a month and stand in marked contrast to the daily struggle for many Iraqis who lack even dependable electricity and sewerage services.

    "A huge amount of money goes to these people," said Aamer Qasim, a pharmacist who attended a demonstration in the centre of Baghdad with several colleagues.

    "The money should be spent on health, on education, on electricity, on infrastructure."

    Iraqi politicians have faced consistent criticism for their lavish pay and benefits, which in sum are several times that of the average citizen.

    But anger has grown in recent in weeks in particular over the benefits awarded to them after they leave parliament.

    Protests on Saturday were also held in several cities in south Iraq, including the port city of Basra as well as Nasiriyah, Najaf, Karbala, Kut and Hilla.

    Protest dispersed

    Riot police armed with batons, tear gas and water canon broke up one gathering in the city of Nasiriyah.

    Witnesses and security forces said 11 people were wounded and 10 detained.

    Authorities did not grant permission for the demonstrations in the capital, drawing criticism from rights groups Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

    Security forces blocked bridges and deployed large numbers of soldiers and police in major squares - an extraordinary show of force that protesters said was mainly taken to prevent demonstrators from congregating in larger numbers.

    Interior Ministry spokesman Saad Maan Ibrahim defended the security operation, saying authorities were concerned suicide bombers might try to attack the rallies. He insisted authorities had no problem with the demonstrations and that his forces were present only to protect protesters.

    Iraq has seen a marked rise in the level of violence this year. More than 600 people have already been killed so far this month, according to an AFP tally.

    In the latest attack, a car bomb killed 12 people and wounded at least 20 in the city of Ramadi on Saturday.

    The attack took place near a checkpoint on a busy street in the centre of Ramadi, 100km west of Baghdad.

    "The explosion was so huge. I saw pieces of cars and bodies," witness Qasim Mohammed said. He said he had been working in his photography shop when the attack took place.

    "A tyre hit my shop," he said.

    Another bomb in Maeden, southeast of Baghdad, killed one person and wounded seven, police and medics said.



    T.C. Musul başkonsolosluğu konvoyuna saldırı

    Musul'daki Türk Başkonsolosluğu konvoyuna bombalı saldırı düzenlendiği bildirildi. Saldırıda ölen ya da yaralanan olmazken, araçlarda maddi hasar meydana geldi.
    Erbil'e gitmek üzere yola çıkan konsolosluk görevlilerini taşıyan dört araçlık konvoya bugün saat 10.00 sularında bombalı saldırı düzenlendi. Edinilen bilgilere göre yol kenarına döşenen bomba, konsolosluk konvoyunun geçişi sırasında patlatıldı. Ölen ya da yaralananın olmadığı saldırıda, araçlarda maddi hasar meydana geldi.
    Musul Emniyet güçleri, olay yerine gelerek incelemelerde bulundu. Emniyet güçlerinin, saldırganları bulmak için çalışma başlattığı bildirildi.

    Sunday, 1 September 2013

    Turkmen Elli Party may boycott Kirkuk elections

    29th August 2013

    KIRKUK/ Aswat al-Iraq: Turkmen Elli Party stated today that the Turkmen may boycott local elections in 
    the city.

    In a statement, copy received by Aswat al-Iraq, the party doubted conducting honest elections.

    It criticized reaching an election law for Kirkuk without political consensus among the main parties in the province, describing coming elections as "theatrical play with known ends".