Sunday, 29 September 2013

Reply of Dr. Hicran Kazanci, Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative


While I was in Kirkuk I accepted a request from a local Turkmen site and gave an interview. During this interview I made some determinations regarding recent events and why Turkmen were being targeted. It is evident that these determinations I made have caused major discomfort to some, even made them lose their sleep.
Based on the famous words ‘desperation drives people to profanity’ I use the word ‘desperate’ for this person. Because this person has forgotten who put him into his position and bites those who supported. It is a waste of time for someone who does not claim ownership to honor and morals to speak of these values. For this reason it surprised me that this person spoke of morals and honor. This person who has trampled the concept of morals and honor in order to associate the Turkmen cause in another direction is trying to hide his betrayal of the Turkmen community as a result of faith in deceptive arrogance. Like a bat which swivels its head from side to side at the smell of blood, the person who has taken upon himself to become a leader of betrayal should remember that the truth cannot be hidden, no truth will remain secret. I recommend that this person settles in a place history finds appropriate for him and keeps silent before disgracing himself any further.

   Dr. Hicran Kazancı
Iraqi Turkmen Front
Turkey Representative

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