Saturday, 1 December 2012

Kirkuk Director of Education Mübarek retired

Kirkuk Province Director for National Education Şen Ömer Mübarek who had served Kirkuk for many years in the field of education has retired. The Directorate of Education organized an impressive farewell ceremony for Şen Ömer Mübarek. The professional life of Mübarek was praised at the farewell ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Dr. Hicran Kazancı, Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front Kirkuk Province Kasım Kazancı, Rector of Kirkuk University Behram Hurşit, Deputy Rector Dr.Necdet Demirci, Deputy Directors of Kirkuk Province National Education Ferhan Hüseyin and Fevziye Avanis as well as educators, authorities from Kirkuk security forces and numerous citizens.

Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front Kirkuk Province Kasım Kazancı reminded that the task distribution to be applied after the local elections allocated the task of Kirkuk Province National Education Directorate to the Turkmen and that the person to replace Mübarek must also be a Turkmen. Kazancı explained that Mübarek had fulfilled his duty with success and wishes him health and success in his retirement.

Emotional moments were lived at the farewell ceremony. Retired Şen Ömer Mübarek thanked his colleagues and wishes them success. Deputy Director of Kirkuk for Province National Education Fevziye Avanis spoke with praise regarding the works of Mübarek.

Who is Şen Ömer Mübarek?

He was born in 1948 in Musalla region of Kirkuk. After completing his elementary, junior and senior high school in Kirkuk he attended university in Baghdad. Following his graduation from Baghdad University Faculty of education Biology Department in 1973 Mübarek started his professional life as a high school teacher. He was subsequently appointed as a biological laboratory expert. He took the chair of Director of Kirkuk for Province National Education in 2004.
During his 8 year appointment he pioneered the development of education and progress in Kirkuk. Mübarek visited Turkmen schools periodically and monitored developments closely.

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