Friday, 10 July 2009

Iraqi Turkmen Front Statement: Condemnation of the latests bombings in Talafar

(Head Quarter)
No. 128
Date 9/7/2009

Statement of condemnation of the crime of the latest bombings in Tal Afar.

Once again terrorism and the enemies of our Turkmen nation reveal their fangs to shake the security that our people in Tal Afar succeeded in regaining by the blood of their martyrs.

This morning we woke up to the news of two criminal explosions by suicide bombers in the district of Al-Sada in the Turkmen city of Tal Afar which caused the death of more than fifty innocent people and wounded more than one hundred, most of them women and children. We have not yet been able to assess the extent of the damages because of the curfew.

The crime of Tal Afar followed another crime targeting the Turkmen town of Kara Qoyunlu on the outskirts of Mosul yesterday.

We in the Iraqi Turkmen Front condemn all the attacks that target innocent Iraqis, wherever they are in our motherland, and we reiterate our call for an investigation in the explosions which target the Iraqi people in general and the Turkmens in particular.

Almost three weeks after the heinous crime of Taza Khurmatu we have not yet obtained the primary results of the investigation and still do not know who stands behind these bombings.
Once again, we strongly demand that the responsible authorities state the reasons of the security breaches which have increased lately, resulting in the targeting of innocent Iraqis, especially the Turkmens.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front extends its sincere condolences to the Turkmen people and to the martyrs’ families and wishes a speedy recovery to all those who have been wounded in the explosions.

We ask Allah to strengthen the unity of the Iraqi people and to reinforce the determination of the Turkmens to defend their cities and towns.

The information office
Add: Kirkuk-Baghdad St.,near the governorate building

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