Sunday, 28 November 2010

Human Rights Situation of Iraqi Turkmen

To everyone in the UK who feels concerned with the Human Rights Situation in Iraq

Please ask your MP to sign the Early Day Motion EDM968 – Human Rights Situation Of Iraqi Turkmen


Early Day Motions
EDM968 – Human Rights Situation Of Iraqi Turkmen

Proposed by Mike Hancock on 08/11/2010.
Categorised under the topic of Human rights.

That this House is concerned about the human rights situation of the Iraqi Turkmens, the third largest ethnic group in Iraq, who mainly live in the northern provinces, such as Kirkuk; condemns the ethnic cleansing and assimilation policy of Iraqi Turkmens by both Saddam Hussein’s government until 2003 andthe Kurds since 2003, who claim the Iraqi Turkmens’ lands which are rich with oil, gas sulphur, uranium and phosphorus; notes that the census in Iraq delayed for the third time since 2007 is now due to be held on 5 December 2010; worries that the inclusion of the questions on ethnicity and mother tongue in the census will divide Iraqi people instead of uniting them and might create new outbreaks of violence in this country; further condemns the treatment of the Iraqi Turkmens as the lower class in Iraq in comparison with the Arabs and Kurds; believes all ethnicities in Iraq should possess equal rights; welcomes the work of the Iraqi Turkmen Front to promote the human rights of Iraqi Turkmens such as the right to participate in the forming of the new government and the right to have justice, equality, fairness andan end to the discrimination and violence; and calls on the Prime Minister and the Government to raise the issue of Iraqi Turkmens’ human rights with the government of Iraq.

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