Saturday, 26 December 2009


by Halil DEMİRCİ

The attacks against prominent figures of various groups in Northern Iraq have been increasing the tension prior to the elections. In two separate suicide attacks carried out in November, Mosul representative of Iraqi Turkmen Front, Yavuz Ahmet Efendioglu and one of the prominent leaders of Shabak tribe in Mosul, Fazil Jiro have been killed. Recently an official of the Goran Movement, the leader of which is the former deputy chairman of PUK Nawshirvan Mostafa, Sardar Kadir has been a victim of an armed attack on December 4th in Suleymaniyah . He has been injured by the legs. No official statement has been made whereas there were no clues about these incidents.

Turkmen circles believe that the attack against Mosul representative of Iraqi Turkmen Front, Yavuz Ahmet Efendioglu was carried out by Kurdish elements. In the statements an emphasis has been put on the people who want to create a faction among Shiite-Sunni Turkmen and disrupt their unity-togetherness. It has been claimed that the Kurdish groups are responsible for the attack carried out by an automatic rifle in front of Mosul University targeting Fazil Jiro. The Shabaks who show their reactions towards this incident state that Jiro started to raise the consciousness of his Shabak base against the activities of the Kurds and the Kurds were uncomfortable with this situation. On the other hand it has been claimed that the attack targeting S. Kadir, who was an official of the Goran Movement, was caused by Movement’s leader N. Mostafa’s recent accusations against the top management of PUK regarding corruption. As it is known Nawshirwan Mostafa has raised the reaction of PUK members as a result of his statements. That’s why the Goran supporters are in the view that this attack has been carried out by PUK.

The experts state that the consequent murders of prominent figures belonging to various groups are raising some suspicions and there are concerns over some preparations which are being made to create sectarian conflicts in Iraq prior to elections.

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