Monday, 25 October 2010

Joint Statement by various YEZIDI Communities regarding the YEZIDIS in Northern IRAQ

Joint Statement by various Yezidi Communities

Recent Kurdish media reports and seems to be very interested about the Yezidis’ ethnicity, so the KRG in northern Iraq has exposed an escalating conflict among the innocent Yezidis in Northern Iraq and particularly in Sinjar regions. Several Kurdish political leaders including junior mullah Barzani have expressed that the innocent Yezidis are Kurdish and must be Kurdified; therefore, this expression has increased the tension and will be going as far as a very possible civil war between the two Yezidis groups: “The Yezidis who consider themselves as ‘Yezidis ethnically and religiously” and “the Yezidis who have accepted the ‘kurdification’ and consider themselves as ‘Kurdish’ in ethnicity.”

Mr. Tahsein Saed, who consider himself as the Yezidis’ prince in Iraq and around the world; he and four other members of his team who pretend themselves as religious leaders of the Yezidis on Tuesday, September 21, 2010, they (Tahsein Saed, Khato Esmael, Slaeman Sivo, Barakat and pishmam Faroq) issued and signed a statement for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) stating that all the Yezidis are Kurdish! We, herein the under singed Organizations disapprove their statement and also most of the Yezidis in Shaykhan (prince’s own region) disapprove the statement that was issued by these traitors. Even though Mr. Tahsein Saed is only the prince of Shaykhan and he does not represent all the innocent Yezidis in Iraq, around the world and particularly the Yezidis in Sinjar region at all, because this prince (perpetrator) is “not” our prince; we strongly disapproved their statement while we see them as traitors / perpetrators and just trying to selling our peaceful Yezidis’ culture/ethnicity for money and personal interests.

However, the prince was an Arab in ethnicity in the past during Saddam Hussein’s regime; presently he is Kurdish under KRG or junior mullah Barzani’s regime and in the future???

Even though, during the previous Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, the same dictator/ defector (Prince Tahsein Saed) issued and signed the same statement for Saddam stating that all the Yezidis are Arabs in ethnicity. Therefore, we see this Perpetrator (Tahsein Saed) is really mentally ill for the sake of money and personal interests. Whatsoever, our nationality/ethnicity is very important for all of us (the remaining innocent Yezidis ethnically and religiously); we are human being and not “material products” to be bought/sold by defectors such as Mr. Tahsein Saed and his team members.

Therefore, “We (The under signed Organizations) want to make it clear for the world, world leaders and International Communities that Mr. Tahsein Saed does not represent all the Yezidis in Iraq and around the world (he is only the prince of shaykhan region). He does not represent the innocent Yezidis in Sinjar regions at all!” Presently, Mr. Tahsein Saed only represents those Yezidis who “joined” the Kurdish culture and accepted “Kurdification” with him. Despite all their bad behaviours towards “the innocent Yezidis,” we ‘congratulate’ Prince Tahsein Saed and his followers in their new path of life; they are free to make choices for themselves for whatever they want to be, but “not” for all of us (The innocent Yezidis)!

In the past two decades, the Kurdish leaders have always failed to recognize the true nature of the Yezidis ethnicity as a distinct ethnic group from the Kurdish, because of their political and geographical interests. In many of these so called disputed areas there were very few Kurds to be found before the fall of Saddam Hussein (previous regime). In the Nineveh plain for example, the percentage of Kurds was less than 5%, but now, they have expanded their new Kurds settlements into the disputed areas (Nineveh, Kirkuk and Diyala provinces) by hundreds of thousands of new Kurdish settlers illegally and by militia forces while they see Central government is weak. The KRG and its leaders are doing all of these evil tactics in these areas to annihilate our ancient history and to be annexed to the KRG, this should be very clear to the International Communities. In fact, the stretch of land bordering line with the KRG is mostly dominated by the Yezidis, Chaldo-Assyrians, Turkmens Shabaks and Kakais. Instead of acknowledging this fact Kurdish political groups have launched a violent campaign to describe the innocent Yezidis and other minority such as Shabaks as Kurds in ethnicity while we are totally culturally different from the Kurdish; forcing Kurdification on us (Yezidis) against our will is crimes against humanity and human rights are being committed by the KRG Officials and its militia forces in the disputed areas.

The KRG and its militias are today used to instil fears in minority communities inhabiting border areas with the KRG in order to ensure compliance with KRG expansion technique while oppressed in the past, at present the KRG’s regime is much worse than Saddam’s regime, the Kurds have grown and become themselves the new dictators / oppressors in Iraq especially in the disputed areas seen from our perspective. Any census in the near future (December 5, 2010) of disputed areas carried out under KRG and its militias’ presence will not be free and fair, as we have seen the KRG and its evil tactics during the past federal and provincial elections, when one person voted for more that ten times and we have evidence of that. Therefore, we ask the US, UN, UK, EU, Russia and all other International Communities that the census in the disputed areas must “NOT” be conducted with the presence of the KRG and its militias (bloodshed creators), the census “must” be conducted with International Communities’ presence in everywhere in the disputed areas, “if the International Communities have faith in freedoms and democracy.”

While most of Iraq is becoming secure for all Iraqis, including vulnerable non Muslim communities such as the Yezidis, Chaldo-Assyrians, Kakais and Bahais, the clear and violent expansion plans of the KRG has been threatening to destabilize Iraq, its neighbouring countries and severely affect all of us (the vulnerable Iraqi minorities) who live in the disputed areas that are being violently claimed by the KRG and its dictatorial regime. From being a centre of stability the KRG has turned into the major source of instability in Iraq since 2003 and continues its violent aggression acts in every part of the disputed areas.

We the undersigned Organizations are calling upon the US Congress and the Department of State of religious and ethnic freedom, UN, UK, EU, Russia and all other International Communities to put pressure on the KRG to refrain from all acts of crimes and violence against innocent Yezidis and all other Iraqi minorities and withdraw its militia forces from all areas outside the KRG and “STOP” describing the remaining innocent Yezidis as Kurds, because we are NOT!

We also call on Kurdish leaders to respect the rights of all minorities and including the remaining innocent Yezidis as distinct and independent religion and ethnic group.

The Under Signed Organizations

- Yezidi Human Rights Organization – International
(Canada, United States, Germany, Iraq).E-mail:
- Ezidkhan Democratic Party
- Yezidi Community of Lincoln Nebraska E-mail:
- Yezidi Fraternity Association
- Movement of the Yezidis Future
- Yezidi Progress Party
- Yezidi Civil Society Organizations
- Sharaf al-Din Charity Association
- Scholars of the Yezidi religion

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