Thursday, 7 February 2013

ITF responds to the criticism from the Arab group in Kirkuk Province Assembly


07 ŞUBAT 2013
7th February 2013

Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITC) responded to the criticism from the Arab group in the Kirkuk Province Assembly regarding the assignment of a Turkmen to the Kirkuk Education Directorate.

In a written statement issued by ITF Information Department it was indicated that according to a political agreement in 2003 the task of Kirkuk Education Directorate was assigned to the Turkmen and further that, “This duty is the legal right of the Turkmen nation. We believed that the Arab group would support us in this context”.

ITF also rejected the allegations of being “biased” made against Kirkuk Province Assembly Head Hasan Turan by the Arab group. The statement said that as ITF they had no queries regarding various tasks of the Arabs primarily the General Directorate of the Northern Iraq Petroleum Company and continued with the following:

“As the Iraqi Turkmen Front we condemn any violations carried out against Arabs. In addition, we hope that in a spirit of good will they will return the agricultural lands which were seized by the previous regime from the Turkmen nation and return these lands to their rightful owners.”

In addition Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Dr.Hicran Kazancı made a written statement to congratulate the Turkmen candidate İmat Muhammet İbrahim and wish him success in his post as Kirkuk Province Education Director for which he was elected. In his statement Kazancı condemned the explosives attacks targeting the Kirkuk Security Directorate get past to Chief of Police Cemal Tahir and his deputy Turhan Abdurrahman.

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