Monday, 18 February 2013

EU to help Kirkuk reconstruction, Ambassador

EU to help Kirkuk reconstruction, Ambassador

18 ŞUBAT 2013

European Union ambassador to Iraq expressed interest in Kirkuk and the intention to reconstruct i.

In a visit with some European ambassadors to Baghdad, Ambassador Jana Hybášková announced that the EU is working to help the Iraqi people to consolidate democracy, enhancing governmental establishments and human rights organizations.

The EU ambassadors, comprising of Spanish, Polish, Czech, Romania, Slovakia, Britain, France, Germany and other countries, visited Kirkuk and met its governor Najm al-Din Kareem.

Governor Kareem reviewed the political situation in the province, stressing that the objective is to provide decent services to the people.

He pointed out that Kirkuk suffered from demographic changes during the past decades, “but the people are trying to surpass such changes and problems.

KIRKUK/ Aswat al-Iraq:

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