Friday, 12 October 2012

Panel for the Iraqi Turkmen Press in Europe

the Panel for the Iraqi Turkmen Press in Europe
Organized by the Turkmen Aspect – Stockholm / Sweden

In order to develop the Turkmen media in general and electronic media, in particular, managers of the some Turkmens websites met in Sweden over two days for the purpose of unifying efforts and create a unified work strategy of these sites to serve the cause of the Turkmen.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ahmed Al-hurmezi read a speech on the behalf of MP Arshad Al-Salehi which emphasis on the need to find a constructive cooperation between these sites and the need to work as a control and mirror over the performance of Turkmen politicians.

After that Shukran kayci red a speech on the behalf of Kamal Beyatli the Secretary general of the Turkmen press Committee (Türkmen Bas
n Konseyi Genel Sekreteri ), in which he stressed the importance of Turkmen media honor charter and decisions of the four conferences of Turkmen press in this regard, also stressed the importance of avoiding all issues which would damage Turkmen issues in general .

After that the participants opened a discussion on the agenda and agreed on many points.

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