Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Arshad Alsalihi's interview on Alsharqiya

During a meeting with Alsarqiya, Arshad Alsalihi said: We have patriotic belonging as well as sympathy with all Turkish speaking countries
This article was published in TURKMEN ASPECT


imited print programme that is broadcasted by Alsharqiya news hosted the head of Turkmen Front and Deputy of Kirkuk governorate, Arshad Alsalihi, who answered many questions concerning the current situation in the region and Turkmens specifically.
The following is some of Alsalihi's says:
-We were kept away from the ruling council because we objected Federalism
-Our demand of Iraqi unity cost us political loss
-Our demand to convert Talaafar and Tuz Khurmatu to governorate did not mean formation of ethnic governorate
-The celebration method to receive Davutoğlu in Kirkuk was due to neglect of Turkmens
-We have patriotic belongings and this does not prevent us from having sympathy towards the Turkish speaking countries
-I do not consider the meeting of  Davutoğlu with Barazani and the Kurdish governor surrendering to Kurds as Turkey looks the same at all Iraqi components
-We still have disputes with Kurdish sides about many subjects; the solution is in sitting all Turkmen, Kurdish and Arabic components on one table supervised by the United Nations.
-We are open to all with no discrimination
-Kurdish sides control all institutions in Kirkuk and we have only one general director
-Our relations with the Prime Minister is good despite the coldness nowadays
-Mistakes that prevented to perform the elections in Kirkuk were not solved but complicated
-Ministries still occupy the lands belonging to Turkmen component
-We do not feel safe with the military existence in Turkmen regions like this coordination

The video of the meeting is in the link below

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