Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Iraqi Turkmen Front opposes resolution over Turkmens

Iraqi Turkmen Front says there are many deficiencies in the resolution which is to be discussed in the parliament of Iraq. 

World Bulletin/News Desk
Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF)  executive committee said Monday that some articles in the resolution to be discussed in the parliament of Iraq, which are related to Iraqi Turkmens, were unacceptable.
There are many deficiencies in the resolution, including the fact that it does not even touch on the issue of returning some land seized during ousted President Saddam Hussein's regime to Turkmens, ITF said in a written statement.
"The seventh article is another example," the statement said, "The article makes it compulsory that any committee has to receive the government's approval in order to go abroad, which means that no Turkmen committee can go abroad without the government's approval. ITF is totally opposing the article."
Iraqi Turkmens are a unique ethnic group in the country; they are predominantly Muslim and divided into two main sects: Shiites and Sunnites, and have strong cultural ties with Turkey.

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