Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Turkish Cypriots - Documentary

Homeland The Turkish Cypriots - Documentary

Between 1963-1974 Cyprus endured events that changed the lives of its people and shaped the course of history.

This documentary is the voice of Turkish Cypriots who reveal their experiences with an honesty that resonates on the screen. They speak of how their lives and homeland was threatened when their Greek Cypriot neighbours' declared their intent for ENOSIS – a union with Greece.

Their neighbours' intention led to acts of genocide against Turkish Cypriots by EOKA, a Greek terror group, who staged a coup d’état on the Republic of Cyprus Government. This forced Turkey, a guarantor of the island, to intervene and restore stability on the island and Cyprus was divided into a Turkish North and a Greek South to ensure the safety of all citizens.

Years after the conflict, have the Turkish Cypriots moved on? Or have the horrors of the past overshadowed their present?

Homeland is about loss, fear, and the hope for ones homeland.

Running Time67 minutes
CreditsDirected By - Serkan HusseinProducer - Seren Gazi
Director of Photography - Timur Ali
Edited By - ATCAMusic - Buray Hoshsoz (Mekoo Productions)
On Behalf of the Association of Turkish Cypriots Abroad.

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