Friday, 17 September 2010

President Gül received Iraqi Turkmen MP Taqi al-Mawla

Gül Receives Iraqi Turkmen MP

16 September 2010, Thursday

President Gül received the Iraqi Turkmen Shiite MP, Taqi al-Mawla and his accompanying delegation, including former Turkmen deputy Mohammed Mehdi, at the Tarabya Residence.

Al-Mawla informed the President that they had been making efforts towards gathering all Turkmen deputies under the same roof of the Iraqi Parliament. President Gül expressed his pleasure to have heard this, maintaining that such a move would be very beneficial.


The delegation also championed that holding a census could incite ethnic and denominational clashes at present in Iraq, adding that they were trying to defer it.

Al-Mawla later referred to the problems of the Turkmens who had to evacuate their homelands after the military intervention in 2003 and suggested constructing new residences for them so that they could come back to their towns, drawing attention to the importance of providing the Tal Afar people with food, clothing and other daily needs.


President Gül, when al-Mawla mentioned their desire that a joint university should be established in Tal Afar, promised that Turkey would do whatever was necessary towards this and he further pointed out that in Iraq, which is going through a critical period these days, Turkmens should be in unity and solidarity, offering his good wishes for the Iraqi Turkmens.

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