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17 OCAK 2014

The date of 16th January 1980 has a very important place in the history of the struggle of the Iraqi Turkmen.

Exactly 33 years have passed since the great Turkmen Leaders Assistant Professor Dr. Necdet Koçak, Retired Colonel Abdullah Abdurrahman, businessman Adil Şerif were executed and scientist Dr. Rıza Demirci died under torture by the old regime of Iraq. The great Turkmen leaders who were executed by the old regime of Iraq who are unforgettable heroes of the national cause the Turkmen walked to the execution stand with their heads held high.

Assistant Professor Dr. Necdet Koçak who was innocent of any crime and was executed as a result of the intimidation policy practiced by the Baas Party was an extraordinary personality, a valuable community leader. Assistant Professor Dr. Necdet Koçak who was devoted to his nation and cause spent his life in protecting the national identities of Turkmen and fighting to gain their political and cultural rights.

Retired Colonel Abdullah Abdurrahman who has executed was the head of Turkmen Brotherhood Group for many years. He traveled from village to village, town to town and was deeply involved in the problems of Turkmen. He enlightened the people regarding the national cause of the Turkmen everywhere he went.

Business Adil Şerif made many large material and spiritual sacrifices on behalf of the Turkmen national cause. He was a very beloved, respected and admired man.

The research carried out by esteemed scientist Dr. Rıza Demirci who succumbed to inhumane torture put the Turkmen population and their settlement areas onto the agenda. He was a man devoted to his nation, a courageous and enterprising man.

The execution of the leaders of Iraqi Turks has drowned the Turkmen community in infinite pain and sorrow. However history has shown us that national causes can only be won by the presence of those who believe that the cause is worth dying for. Like the great Turkish author and poet Mithat Cemal Kuntay said in one of his poems “Territory is a homeland when it has been died for.”

Our esteemed leader Dr. Necdet Koçak addressed his family and compatriots a few hours before his execution with the following words:

“Friends, a tree will produce leaves when it is pruned. I ask that you do not forsake the cause and continue. At the moment I am more at peace than ever. I go to God with peace in my soul. I am handing the flag to you. I am confident that you will bear it with honor. Do not stray from the path of truth and God. Be with God.”

We bear the flag handed over by our leaders with honor. We commemorate these honorable people with mercy and gratitude. The Turkmen community will never forget them.

May their souls rest in peace.

Dr. Hicran Kazancı
Iraqi Turkmen Front
Turkey Representative

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