Sunday, 1 July 2012

Symposium on Women's Rights took place in Kirkuk on 23/06/2012

By the participation of a crowd of representatives of Turkmen civilian community organisations and a large number of active Turkmen women, Turkmen Women Union in cooperation and coordination with Human Rights Office of the Turkmen Front held an open symposium about women rights in the general headquarters of the Union in Kirkuk on Saturday  23/06/2012

Mrs. Qadriya Dhiya, head of Turkmen Women Union welcomed the attendants and presented an explanation about the positive and active role of Turkmen women in the struggle in order to achieve all fair Turkmen goals represented by an honourable free life without infringements in human rights of Turkmen people in all Turkmen Elli areas, confirming the necessity to activate Iraqi women rights in general and Turkmen women in particular to suit their social position and appropriate role to raise the next generation.

Mr. Rushdi Hussein Ali, manager of ITF human rights' office, presented a detailed explanation using the data presenter equipment about the international agreement to end all forms of discriminations against women (SEDAW) covering 30 items in a compulsory legal form that deals with all international commitments about compulsory execution of the items to combat discrimination against women and signed by a number of countries including Iraq.

Turkmen Women Union with Human Rights office of ITF

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