Friday, 4 May 2012

Erşad Salihi visited ITF Turkey Representation

The Leader of the Iraqi Turkmen Front and Kirkuk Member of Parliament the distinguished Erşad Salihi who is in Turkey on an official visit paid a visit to the Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representation.

Salihi, who was greeted by Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Hicran Kazancı, said that the developments in Iraq were passing through a critical process and that everybody here particularly the Turkmen needed to have common sense and emphasized that the local elections executed in Kirkuk were especially important because the results emerging from these elections would determine the framework of the future parliamentary elections. Salihi said that for this reason we must be well prepared for these elections and also instructed the Turkmen not to heed the recent rumors and that those fishing in muddy waters were doomed for disappointment and added that the whole Iraqi Turkmen Front was in a state of unity and solidarity which would continue.

The Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative said “The next process poses a critical period for Iraq. As a matter of fact, Iraq has been going through a critical process since 2003. After this critical process those who endeavor to disrupt our unity and solidarity with words and scripts without any truthful basis are doomed to disappoint as always. In addition, let no one have any doubt about the continuance of the unity and solidarity with the head of ITF and the administration.’’

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