Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Justice and Development Party (Ak Party) Deputy Chairman Mahir Ünal received Dr. Hicran Kazancı

Iraqi Turkmen Front Turkey Representative Dr.Hicran Kazancı visited Deputy Chairman of Ak Party Group and Kahramanmaraş MP Mahir Ünal at the Grand National Assembly.

Developments in Iraq were assessed and views were shared regarding the recent events in the Middle East were discussed during the visit which took place in the office of Deputy Chairman of Ak Party Group Mahir Ünal.

In his speech during the visit Dr.Hicran Kazancı emphasize that Turkey had always been an important model for the region saying, "In addition to being a model country for the region, Turkey is a beacon like the north star showing the way from afar".

Dr.Kazancı said that the policies applied by Turkey promoted stability in Iraq and it was their main objective that these developments also produced results in favor of the Turkmen.
Deputy Chairman of Ak Party Group Mahir Ünal stated that since historical times friendship, brotherhood and a cooperative approach had been the dominant approach in Turco-Iraqi relationships. Mahir Ünal said that Turkey had always endeavored to ensure that Iraqi Turkmen live in peace and security and that this support would continue.

Dr. Kazancı thanked Mahir Ünal for the support given by Turkey for the peace of the Turkmen.

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